• What we do ?

Customer Survey

We conduct Customer Feedback Survey, Customer Service Evaluations Survey, Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey, Visual Rating Survey, Lead Generation Survey, etc.

Customer survey is also called marketing or consumer survey. Customer survey is a tool to collect all relevant information related to the needs, satisfaction level, views of the targeted end consumer regarding various products/services.

Our survey comprises a form of applied, sociological study, which concentrates on understanding the behaviours, whims and preferences, mainly current and future, of consumers in a market-based economy.

Customer surveys conducted by us for various organisations help them to create their business modules based on the information derived from the data collected through various levels/types of customer surveys and accordingly plan business strategies.

Our surveys create major impacts on business strategies. Customer Surveys conducted by us are an end to end & the most favoured mode of lead generation.

Human Resource Survey

We conduct Job Satisfaction Survey, Performance Evaluation Survey, Employee Opinion Survey, HR Compliance Survey, Training & Development Evaluation Survey, etc.

We carried out Human Resource survey in areas of use of human standard of employees, employees turnover. We do an overall assessment of the current workforce, provide relevant and critical data that achieves morale, work efficiency, manpower planning, work environment conditions, and more.

Company policies, business strategies are based on the data accumulated from such surveys. Our surveys help in collecting data, which is crucial to ensure that the business is being compliant and whether it is adhering to all required State & Central Government policies. Our strategically planned and efficiently conducted Human Resource Surveys help the business to stay ahead in today’s cut throat competitive world.

Market Survey

We conduct Marketing Survey, Customer Profiling & Segmentation Survey, Purchas Process Tracing Survey, Customer Attitude and Expectations Survey, Elasticity and Demand Survey, Market forecasting and trending Survey Etc.

Market research is the investigation of the structure and development of a market for the purpose of formulating efficient policies for purchasing, production and sales. The main reasons behind market research of an organization is understand customers, companies, and the competition. All three factors are interlinked with marketing research as companies need to understand and react to their customers’ needs.

In the Marketing Surveys we identify the customer, company and comSurveypetition also for our clients. We ask questions about competition market structure, government regulations, economy trends, technological advances, and numerous other factors that make up the business environment. It also helps investment decisions and potential investors to invest.

Product Survey 

We conduct Product Habits and Uses Survey, Existing product Evaluation Survey, New Product Demand Survey, New Product Lunching and Concept Analysis Survey, Brand Awareness Survey etc.

Launching the right new product and tweaking existing products is key to attracting new buyers and retaining existing customers. In other words, it is critical to the overall success of your business. But it is important to not operate in a bubble by thinking that you are all omniscient in what your customers want. Making assumptions about your customers or even taking educated guesses leaves too much room for success-hindering errors. Fortunately, a product survey can help you tap into your customers' thoughts and opinions.

We conduct Product survey for both existing products as well before launching any new products. This is a mode of data collection, which keeps the companies updated and provides them relevant information related to the views of the targeted audiences and helps them to plan and execute business/marketing strategies accordingly and meet high end sales targets.

Industrial Survey

We Conduct Industry Specific Survey, Industrial Relations Survey, Industrial Compliance Survey, Business Continuity and Support Survey, etc.

There are many factors that need to be properly researched before setting up any major or small scale industry. Data needs to be accumulated through various types of industrial surveys and strategies are planned based on such data analysis.

Our Surveys are done to determine the most suitable location to set up the industry, easy and cost effective availability of required raw materials, affordable access to transportation facility for the movement of raw materials & finished goods, availability of cost effective and trained labour & staff and so on.

Success of any industry majorly depends on the strategic analysis & effective application of the data accumulated through various industrial surveys conducted by our efficient team of surveyors.

Social Survey

We conduct Community Survey, Academic and Institutional Survey, Physiographic and Demographic Survey, Health Care Survey, Personnel Survey, Public and Confidential Survey, General and Specialised Survey, etc.

Social survey is a form of an activity which is targeted towards a large group of people and involves collection & analysis of data in huge quantities. This is a main source of more information’s collection. It leads to collect facts about a problematic situation and give information’s.

We conduct Social surveys for private organisations as well various government bodies. Social surveys conducted by our team provide a rich treasure of specific and generalised data, which proves useful in the formation policies and strategies for many social reforms.

Political Survey

We conduct Political Issues Survey, Candidates Popularity Survey, Voters Opinion Survey, Pre poll Response Survey, Exit Poll Result Analysis, etc.

The most common & popular form of Political Survey is the various types of opinion polls which are conducted all throughout our country before general elections. Opinion polls conducted by us provide important information on the views and the mood swings of the general public towards individual politicians as well as the political parties in general.

Our team conducts Political polls at various levels, accumulate huge data and strategic analysis of data is conducted in various forms. Such data analysis forms the base of formation of strategies & policies by various individual politicians and political parties as well.

Many a political surveys organised by us have proved useful in formation of new social reforms for the betterment of the society, they give a generalized input in the living standard of the common citizens and also throw light on the mood swings of the common public.

Statistical Survey

We conduct Population Survey, I Data Collection I Special Projects Survey, etc.

Statistical Survey is a form of specialized, specific and well structured survey determined to collect quality or quantity accumulated data.

Statistical survey conducted by us, involves clear definition of the purpose and objective of the survey. Data collection and edition is planned as per specific requirements. Data interpretation & analysis is minutely planned and executed and reports are filed accordingly.

Such specific reports presented by our analytic team, play a very important role in forming of target oriented policies and help the project heads in obtaining effective result oriented strategy implementations and achieve high end targets successfully.

Non Profit Survey

We conduct Non- Profit Event Survey, Non- Profit Origination Survey, Non-profit Volunteer Survey, etc.

We conduct Non Profit Surveys for organisations that are involved in activities which are more the social beneficial end and not towards profit making.

All Non profit organisations need a regular flow of donations to keep them floating, as donations are the major form of revenue for such organisations and our team helps them in this cause.

It is of ultimate importance that the Non profit organisations keep themselves updated with the most recent and reliable sources of donations, the right set of volunteers needed to keep the work ongoing and they need to know what type of events they should organize in order to bring in the maximum awareness of the cause and generate huge revenues in form of donations. Our well organised team of surveyors & analysis intellectuals fill in the gap for such Non Profit organisations

We conduct many statistical surveys for Non profit organisations to keep them updated as failure to do so results in many such organisations burning out in a short span of time.